The Future of "Tailored"

The "blazer" has transitioned from "sport jacket" to a jacket -- almost an outerwear piece, but more elegant in appearance -- that is comfortable, practical, and made of innovative and unusual material.

We have a long time relationship with Valstar, the Italian firm that made the very first suede blouson jacket, the Valstarino, for open-sports car enthusiasts in the 1930s. We asked them to make something we have been trying to find for years: a simple, unlined suede blazer, with lapels and pockets reminiscent of tailored clothing, but without the padding and lining used in a regular tailor shop. The result is just plain wonderful.

The picture here shows our suede blazer paired with a Hartford linen shirt and the famous Incotex "chinolino" trouser. More on those two later.

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