Recently, I accompanied my father on a visit to his doctor. As we were sitting in the antiseptic waiting room, a somewhat shabby looking man entered and proceeded through the doors to the inner office.  He was wearing an old worn blazer, a pair of ill-fitting grey pants, a rumpled shirt, rep tie. I assumed he must have been the patient before my father and, being of a certain age, was returning from a response to the call of nature. A moment later he opened the door and summoned my father into his office. Immediately, I became concerned for my father’s health. 

This doctor was recommended to us as a leader in his field yet his appearance had a negative effect on my judgment of his authority. If he doesn’t respect himself enough to care how he appears why should I? Like it or not, people judge us by our appearance. What you do is important, isn’t it? Take pride in your appearance to show yourself and others that you take it seriously.  Respect yourself enough and people will respect you.

BlogDean Harrison