The Manly Art of Looking Good


One: Find a good store and go to it. I know, it’s hard. Especially when you could go to over two million websites (or just to Amazon) and outfit yourself for a visit to the Queen’s Enclosure at Ascot. Or so you think. I know folks who’ve tried, with costly, disastrous, and humiliating results. Then there’s always the “wardrobe adviser” at Trunk Club or some other anonymous expert. What do you know about them? Where are they? Minnesota? San Diego? Do they know about your town, your neighbors, your climate? You think they have a good reputation. A good brand. Or don’t they? Never mind, if you don't like it you can just cram it back into the box and send it back. Nice.

Two: Look around. If the kids in the store are wearing magenta tuxedo jackets with torn jeans, button-down shirts and a bowtie you’re in the wrong place. But if the clothes on display look like the kind of stuff you want to wear, or can see yourself in… There you go.

Three: Talk to Dean, or someone like Dean. Oh. Right. I almost forgot. People like Dean are hard to find. People who’ll tell you why the shirt costs that much; why the trousers you used to like in the size you used to be don’t exactly work on you today; how to take care of that polo shirt with the incomprehensible care instructions; what “2-ply 120s” means on a shirt fabric, why it’s not the same as 120s suiting fabric, and why you should care in the first place. But even more important, in a retail store that’s worth its salt you’ll find people who are not sales-people. You’ll find consultants, in reality. Investment advisers. You’re coming to make an investment in you – in the you that the world sees, to all outward appearances the real you – and you want some advice. You’re moving some capital, from your treasury department to the department of the exterior, and by golly you don’t want to make a mistake.