Your Average Guy

There is no such thing as “your average guy.” Men come in a limitless variety of shapes, sizes, ages, tastes and preferences, stylistic and otherwise. This presents a two-fold challenge to the retailer.

Our secondary task as is to help a man realize his best appearance; to coach him as to how to make use of what is available in the world of style today; to explain the benefits of dressing in this or that garment. In this we are the teachers. Whereas our first responsibility is to listen. He’ll say, “I want it to be as soft, as lightweight, as comfortable…” Or, “I want a better one than I what I bought from so-and-so…” “It has to fit like this…” or that, or the other. In this, we are perennial learners.

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The brands and designers, the manufacturers, tailor shops and ateliers we represent in our shop are the result of these two responsibilities combined. First, we have listened carefully to our customers for many years, and then, using our comprehensive knowledge of the market, we have curated for them the most appropriate, highest quality, best looking clothes we can find. In every product category, we have selected clothing with style, substance, and value.

Ultimately, we offer a man a way to dress that fits his taste and his body. Our task is complete when we have fitted and finished it according to his preferences. The reward we get is his loyalty as a customer.

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