A New way of thinking about clothes?

A while ago a man wore a suit and tie to work every day, and at home in the evening, on weekends, holidays and vacations he wore jeans or khakis with a nice, cut-and-sewn sport shirt, a knit shirt, a sweater, a pair of loafers...

Now, what was once work-wear is strictly special occasion dressing, and the jeans-and-a-sport-shirt look is work-wear. So what does a guy wear in his leisure time? That is a question we have answers for. New ideas in sportswear, sometimes called street-wear, or "athleisure" dressing are here, and we have curated the most stylish and dependable brands from the universe of stuff. 

Our sportswear, including casual trousers, shirts and knits, vary in fit from easy and traditional to the latest skinny, because, well, you know who you are. The fabrics are incredibly comfortable, frequently pre-washed for softness and the lived-in feel, and vary from you-don't-want-anything-less-expensive to "holy shit -- really?"

Our sport jackets and suits, dress trousers and shirts are all a little more shapely, all a bit more unlined, softer, less formal but still elegant for that perfect special occasion attitude.

Here's the line-up, from the top down:

Pal Zileri Blazer

Pal Zileri Blazer

Tailored Clothing




In addition to our perennial staples from CANALI, and HICKEY-FREEMAN, as well as NIKKY and our own private label brands, we have added PAL ZILERI, stylishly modern craftwork of Northern Italian tailors, and BALDESSARINI, the latest effort by the original stylist of Hugo Boss. 

Each new line adds something to our extensive repertoire. In PAL ZILERI we have a more fashionable offering for our adventurous customers, and BALDESSARINI gives us a look and a price point that will appeal to a younger, style-conscious man.

"Hybrid" Dressing 


Our strongest-held belief is that a man can look nice and feel comfortable at the same time, always. This belief gives rise to a huge selection of clothing that is not characterizable as either dressy or informal. ETON shirts, for example, are equally elegant with or without a tie, worn under or instead of a suit or sport jacket. Our new tailored knits, from GRAN SASSO and others, offer an alternative to the dress shirt that is chic but informal. We call this "hybrid" dressing, and we have a huge variety of shirts, trousers and knitwear in this category.

The new "dress shirt"

The new "dress shirt"

Sunspel England - Hoodies, tees, shorts

Sunspel England - Hoodies, tees, shorts





Call it the "third wardrobe," street wear, whatever. It's what you don't wear to work. And like every other classification of apparel, there is a huge variety of styles from an almost infinite number of sources. We do the hard work, scouting, curating, creating a "pre-selection" for you, so that you can choose looks that are just right for you.



Custom Made


Nick Hilton Princeton may be best know for our dedication to the art of Made-To-Measure tailoring of clothing and shirts.

For Spring 2019, in addition to the fine, staple products of COPPLEY, LTD. and our own, hand-made NORMAN HILTON clothing, we have added a new resource we're calling NICK HILTON STUDIO, which features a dazzling array of fabric, trim, and detail possibilities at prices never before possible.  

Nick Hilton Studio custom suits start at $850, and are sold in pairs for as little as $700 each.